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Hyderabad Police launched a new mobile application new year, ensuring the safety of women during the trip, and that people can access help in emergency situations by pressing the SOS button.

'Hawk Eye' also train people to become citizens police report crimes and violations of traffic. They can also report violations by police personnel, make suggestions to improve monitoring and reporting good work done by the police.

Police Commissioner of Hyderabad M. Mahendar Reddy said using the mobile application, citizens can record details of servant / employee / tenant with the police, join policing and access to all the contact numbers for police and get status report on the information provided.

The police chief said the mobile application is part of a friendly and attentive citizen police.

The application can ensure the safety of women during taxi, autorickshaw, bus, train or other vehicle.

"A woman makes just click on the picture or video vehicle before boarding, pointing down vehicle no., Place of shipment and send it online to the police. Even during the trip, if any problem is faced, it can be shipped. After reaching the destination, you can post comments on events during the trip, "said a statement.

The SOS button is useful for accessing help from the police in an emergency.

Friends and relatives (5) "In any state of distress, emergency and need, once the button is pressed, the recorded message will go to default and also based simultaneously on the longitude and latitude of the location of the person, the message will reach the inspector concerned Police Station, ACP, DCP, Patrol Mobiles main control room. "

As the police station is about to report even minor offenses is a cumbersome process, the application would facilitate citizen to report it to the police with the click of a button. Have sub categories of various aspects of traffic violations and violations, crimes that happen, crimes against women and violations of the police.