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Samantha who was named heroine in Tollywood year for three consecutive years failed to make an impact in 2014. She lost her label 'Golden Girl' with a series of failures. Samantha is not the most sought after heroines in Telugu Cinema now. Apart from Manam, none of his films that were released last year clicked at the box office.

Samantha is the hope for a better 2015 and promising his fans that he would do everything possible to rejoice in the New Year. Meanwhile Samantha is back after a short trip to Goa with friends. I was supposed to do a dance in one of the stars in Goa on New Year's Eve.

Samantha made a deal for eighty lakh rupees to see this show. Made plans for it, but decided to cancel the agreement as she feared that doing this show can win their bad reputation and affect its image. Although Samantha canceled the agreement within a week, not canceled the Goa trip and landed there with a lot of close friends. She spent quality time and had a ball in Goa. She also published some photos of your trip Goa in Twitter. Sam certainly had no regrets about losing large amounts of money in order to preserve their image.