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Kadapa: leaders YSR Congress party Kandula Shivananda Kandula Rajamohan Reddy and Reddy, popularly known as brothers Kandula of Kadapa district have changed once more to his game yesterday. Earlier, the two are used to switch between the TDP and Congress party. But both joined the BJP now, since there is no place in the TDP and Congress blinks future state.

While jumping out of the party, said "We are leaving the party because we believe there is no future for the YSR Congress party." They may believe they are talking about their future party, but her statement reveals that they are opportunistic leaders. Rajamohan Reddy joined the YSR Congress party TDP after losing three elections accordingly.

Since, BJP is rolling out the red carpet to the Reddy community both jumped into that took the chance. However, considering his record, there is no guarantee that both stick to it for long. They can jump from the BJP, if any other leader in their region to the highest position in the party or government rises.