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Hyderabad: A draft law whopping Rs 6 lakh to treat a snakebite, which was issued by Hospitals Rush in Suchitra crossroads in Medchal highway led to the police being called.

A casual worker in a manufacturing unit in Medchal road was bitten by a snake when he went to pick up a tool on the catwalk. The workers took him to the nearest clinic. But they said they take the patient to a super-specialty hospital.

Manoj Kumar, director of the unit, said: "The doctors said I would have to stay in hospital for three days and the treatment would cost Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh We agreed on how to save the life of workers was important. ".

The patient was admitted on December 18 until December 23 of each day, was given 20 vials of antivenin. Mr. Kumar said, "How can a person have both anti-venom did not know how much poison had entered his body?".

After paying Rs 3.5 lakh, the company officials began making inquiries with other doctors about treatment in cases of snakebite. "We realized that we were being cheated and got another doctor to check our worker. Our doctor said he was fit and well.

We asked the hospital so we can take the patient to hospital Gandhi. But they threatened us and demanded that we give in writing that we would be responsible if something happens to the patient. "

The company registered a complaint with the police Petbasheerabad. The police visited the patient at the hospital and asked the hospital authorities not to disturb him. With the bills were not established, the hospital is not willing to release the patient and the police have asked doctors to determine their "real" state, and, if necessary, will switch to Gandhi hospital. Despite attempts, no fever Hospital, was available for comment.