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Natasimha Nandamuri Balakrishna said that he is willing to make a movie with Boyapati Srinu. He mentioned that "Simha" is the film that proved a sensation in his career in recent times. Boyapati Srinu got immense fame with "Simha" and therefore people are asking for another adventure with Balayya.

For this, Balakrishna revealed that he also hopes to reach another film in the direction of Boyapati and the manager said to be ready with the script. In this case, "Will 'Simha 2' or a cool powerful actor?" It turned out to be the question.

If this is the sequel to "Simha" version, we expect the audience to show great interest in this film. Even if not the sequel film, we can expect people to show interest in this powerful combination as this combination criticized last box office.